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Related post: Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 11:07:19 -0700 (PDT) From: James Q Subject: Rhett and His Friends This story is fiction and russian gay male incest any name or place in this story is made up from my own imagination. If russians anal big russian breasts you have a problem with material like this then please do not read it. If you are too young to be reading these stories then please leave and come back when you are of age. russian litle Comments are welcomed I can be reached at Rhett and His Friends By James Q. The year was 1950 and Rhett Quince was 14 years old. He was wondering what the future would hold for him now that his abusive father had left his Mom. He had sex picture russian run off with another woman. Leaving Rhett and his mom with nothing except the rented home porn russian house russian girls nudists and very little money. His mom was a very nice and pretty woman in her early thirties. She was employed at the local sewing plant where most of the women in the area worked. They made men's and boy's clothes. She was the shift foreman and made a fairly good salary. At least she and Rhett would be able to get along ok but they would have to watch their spending. They no longer had the money that his father had been bringing home.Rhett was a handsome boy with golden blonde hair with just a hint of red in it with deep blue eyes. His long eyelashes were the kind women would kill to get. His skin was smooth with a beautiful peach and cream complexion. He stood five feet four inches tall and weighed 110 pounds. He was beautiful. He had reached puberty at age 11. He had been jacking off for almost three years. He had experienced sex with his russian adult forum friends Jack and Charles McElroy since the age of nine. Now at age fourteen his cock had grown to a very thick over five-inches long. It got so hard it was like steel with a soft covering. He jacked off two to three times every day beginning every night when he went to bed. He did it again the first thing every morning when he woke up. Sometimes he did it again while he was getting his shower before getting dressed for school. Rhett usually walked to school, which was located about a half a mile away in the small rural town of Omaha. He walked with his friends Jack and Charles McElroy who lived in the house through the woods just russian school girl sex a little ways behind him. They lived in the country just outside of the small town of Omaha in South Georgia. Their school was in a rural area and most students came to school by bus. I suppose it was a class AA size school since they played sports in the Region 3 AA along with ten other schools in that part of Southwest Georgia. russian boys kiddie Rhett had been having sex with Jack and Charles McElroy since he was nine years old. Jack was one year older than Rhett and Charles was two years older. It all began when Jack and Rhett were setting rabbit boxes when he was nine years old. They had gone deeper into the woods and Jack asked him if he had ever corn holed anyone. He said, no. Jack asked if he'd like to try it. Rhett thought it over and said ok, but you will have to show me how. Jack took Rhett to a place he knew in the woods with a thick screen of brush around it. Then he told him to take off his clothes. They both got naked and Jack took Rhett in his arms and caressed and kissed him as he ran his hands all over his body. By this time both boys has a very erect penis and were really hot foruns kids russian porn for each other. Rhett's small cock was about two and a half inches long and fairly thick for his age. Jack had a three and a half inch cock or a little bigger and undeground russian sex it was about twice as big around as Rhett's. Jack said lie down on your stomach and relax. Rhett lay down and Jack ran his hands up in the crack of his ass, He started running his finger around the pucker. He spit in his hands and wiped it into the crack of Rhett's ass and started to push his finger into Rhett's rectum. It felt strange at first but as he felt it more he began to like the feeling. Jack worked in more and more pregnant russian galleries porn spit until it was slick and sliding all over the crack of his ass. Jack said I think you are ready. He then told Rhett to get to his hands and knees doggie style. When he was in the right position Jack eased up to his ass and put his cock head to the pucker of Rhett's ass. He then began to push it trying to get it past the sphincter. He put more pressure there telling Rhett to push out like he was going to shit and finally the russian mother son porn head just popped in. It hurt like hell for a few minutes. Jack stopped with just the head of his cock gay russian scam in place until the hurting stopped. He then pushed it in ever so slowly until Rhett felt his cock bottom out all the way up his chute. Now Jack pulled the mad russian 617 it back until just the head remained in his ass. He then he started pumping Rhett's ass with in and out strokes. He went faster and faster until he started breathing harder and was banging Rhett's ass with hard strokes. All of a sudden he slammed it hard in to the hilt and Rhett felt Jacks cock pulsing deep in his ass. Jack just kept it there for what seemed like a long time before his cock got limp. As he pulled it out Jack said that was the greatest fuck I ever had. Rhett asked him if he had done this many times before. He said he and his brother Charles did it most every cheerleaders russian cheer night and that Charles his eleven-year-old brother could cum already. He said Charles had a dick private russian baby sex over four inches long and thick. He said when he fucked you he shot his load in your shit chute. Jack lay down and said now it is your turn. Rhett spit into Jack's ass crack and worked in the spit to his nude russian boys free pucker. He ran his finger up into Jacks anis past the first two knuckles and twisted it round and round until the pucker relaxed. Then Rhett tried to enter Jacks ass but his little cock just wasn't stiff enough or long enough to really get it to go in. Jack realized russian fuck galleries that Rhett just didn't have the equipment to get dvd russian cute boys the job done. Jack then rolled Rhett over on his back and started kissing him all over his body until he kissed down russian p porn sex to Rhett's pubic area. He let his mouth kiss all around the bottom of Rhett's dick shaft and then he kissed the end of his dick. He ran his tongue around the head of Rhett's circumcised cock and then took his cock all the way into his mouth. He then started bobbing his head up and down on Rhett's shaft. After a few minutes of this Rhett felt like he had to pee. He told Jack to stop he had to free russian pee but Jack would not stop. Soon Rhett felt the most wonderful feeling that he had ever felt in his life as his dry cum took over his body. Never in his young life had he ever experienced such a feeling. Jack laughed and told him he had wanted to do that with him for a long time. He said he knew his brother Charles would want to get some of Rhett's hot boy pussy also. This started a just about every day affair with the three boys. Jack told Charles about their romp in the woods and Charles told Rhett the next day that he wanted to have some of it that afternoon. They finished school and after getting home neither of their parents were home from work so they went to their place in the woods. Charles took an old blanket russian female catfights from the shed behind their house and the three boys walked into the woods. When they arrived at their secret place Charles spread the blanket on the ground and they started to get naked. Charles and Jack attack Rhett from both ends with a lot of kissing and running of russian village boys hands over his naked body. All of them had very stiff cocks russian sex tapes and soon they were sucking each other's cocks. Jack and Rhett continued sucking each other in a sixty-nine with Rhett on top. Charles took out a small jar from his pocket and started spreading something cool and slick to Rhett's russian incest pix free anis. Before they left home Charles had gone into his mothers kitchen and gotten a small jar full of lard. He knew he'd need it to use as lube and he was lubing Rhett's ass russian lezbos with it. He then slicked up his almost five inch very thick dick with some of the lard and pushed his cock head to Rhett's pucker. Jack continued to suck on Rhett's cock. Charles dick was as russian kids tgp hard as a battering ram date russian girls and he pushed it in Rhett's ass very slowly until it was all the way in up to his sparse pubic hair. Rhett could feel that Charles had a much bigger dick than Jack and felt like his bottom was completely stuffed. Soon Charles was pumping Rhett's ass with in and out strokes and started getting harder and faster until he was really banging him with everything he could muster. Rhett felt Charles dick laika the russian dog get bigger as if Hot russian nudes it was swelling and then Charles drove it all the way in and shot his load into Rhett's shit chute. Never before in his life had Rhett's dick been so hard. Jack had not stopped sucking his dick all the time Charles had been banging his list russian porn stars ass. He felt russian ffm like his whole body was going to be shot out of his dick head as he reached his dry cum. His legs were so weak he found it russian sex bomb hard to stand. Then Jack moved in behind Rhett and pushed his smaller dick into him using Charles cum as a lube. He went to work until he dry cumed in Rhett's ass. The three boys knew they had discovered something great and also knew they would be doing it every chance they could get together. This started a bunch of over nights sleeping over for the boys. Charles was the most mature and loved to get Rhett's boy pussy with his big five-inch very thick cock. He told Rhett that he had the tightest and hottest ass he could imagine and he was in love with it. Rhett liked to be the bottom for Charles because he completely filled his ass with his big cock and soon Rhett was climaxing when Charles reached his climax and shooting deep in Rhett's ass. This went on just about every afternoon and often times at night when one or the other would sleep over at the other boy's house. As time passed they learned to suck each other to climax and soon learned to swallow the russian girl galleries cum of their partner as he shot his load. Jack loved to take Rhett's clothes off him rubbing his hands all over him and kiss him all over. He'd then suck his now five inch very thick fourteen year-old cock to climax. Jack would moan as he swallowed down russian nudest clubs Rhett's load when he'd cum. Rhett loved Charles fucking his ass and tried to get him to do it every afternoon. They sometimes did it at home but Charles and Jacks house was small and there was little privacy. They'd either go to Rhett's room or out to their secret place in the woods where they kept lube and a canvas sheet to cover the russian lo free porn ground and grass. Rhett was a bottom and loved naked russian gymnast a big dick in his russian panties pics ass. Charles by this time had a cock well over six inches long and very thick. It would get as hard as a bolt of steel. Rhett and Charles learned to fuck with Rhett russian guestbook nudism lying on his back with his legs clamped around Charles waist. Kissing each other all the way russian pregnant porno through the fuck. Charles had fallen deeply in love with Rhett and Rhett's ass. Rhett also loved Charles but couldn't say he was exclusively webcam sex russian saving himself just for Charles. He and Jack also russian transvestite photos fucked and sucked each other. They all had a great time with their sex getting off every day. Often they'd do it several times in an afternoon. Since Rhett had turned fourteen years old Jack was fifteen and Charles was sixteen almost russian nubile seventeen. Both Jack and Charles had gotten into free russian nudist pic sports at school. Both boys spent most of their afternoons either russian mag practicing football, basketball and in the spring baseball. This left Rhett with a lot of time on his hands alone because his mother never got home before six o'clock in the evening. Rhett usually got home around three thirty in the afternoon. Rhett did not lose his good looks when russian beauty free movies he became a teenager. If anything he became even better looking because he lost his little boy looks. He developed a beautiful body to go along with his beautiful face. All the girls at school from twelve through sixteen tried to get him to notice them and several just threw themselves at him. One girl a twelve-year-old named Sarah Elizabeth Brock who was two grades behind Rhett in school asked Rhett to be her boyfriend. At first he tried to just ignore her but she never let up so he decided that she might be a good cover for his liking boys and men. He finally told her that he would be her boyfriend. They started holding hands and eating lunch together and doing some serious kissing and smooching. Rhett found that he would spring an erection when he was petting his girlfriend. He shortens her name to Seb just using her entails. Seb really did like to see that she was turning Rhett on with her smooching. She started taking his hard cock in her hand and playing with it through his pants. She finally zipped down his pants and reached her hand in and took out his penis jacking him off. naked russian boys illegal She really got a big bang out of seeing him ejaculate while she jacked him off. Rhett kept asking her to let him make love to her. Just before her thirteenth birthday she told him she would go all the way with him if he'd get and use a condom. Rhett knew a service station in Omaha that had a vending machine in the men's toilet. You could get rubbers for fifty cents from the machine so he bought several rubbers and showed them to Seb. After school one afternoon they went to Rhett's house where Rhett knew he'd be alone until his mother got home around six o'clock. Seb told her mother that she had to work on a school project with another girl in her class after school. She said she would not be home before five o'clock that afternoon. So Rhett and Seb went to his house and went to his bedroom where both got naked. Rhett rolled a rubber russian lol pic down on his very stiff penis and he and Seb made love. The only thing was that Rhett thought about Charles and his big dick up his ass the whole time so Seb's fuck left a lot to be desired with Rhett although he did get off fucking Seb. She pics sex russians really did get off big time with him and kissing him after they had done it she told him he was hers forever. Rhett had some misgivings about this but to keep up appearances he kissed her back and told her it was the greatest. Most all the kids at school accepted the fact that Seb and Rhett were in love. Deep down in his heart Rhett knew that female sex just wasn't what he wanted. Although he and Seb did have sex several more times during the school year. Summer came and Rhett was able to spend more time to himself as Seb and her parents were off visiting and traveling during that summer. Rhett was spending a lot of time alone with just himself. He stayed around his home a lot. He did set out some rabbit boxes and he'd work them every morning and every evening to see if he had caught a cottontail or two. One afternoon Rhett was playing hit the peg out in the dirt road that ran in front of his house. He used a stick about incest russian two inches in diameter and three feet long. The peg was about four inches long. He placed the peg on a rock or another stick on the ground then he would hit the peg to make it fly up into the air about waist high. He would then swing the long big russian art posters stick and hit the peg to see just how far he could knock russian girls nude pic it. This game was played by most all the xxx nudist russian boys around Omaha. It might have been the reason that their school ruled Region 3AA in baseball. They had won the porn video russian region Championship for the past five years and were well on the way to winning it again. While Rhett was hitting the peg a car came along the road and stopped. A nice looking young man about twenty-five years russian top sex old watched Rhett hit the peg several times before he got out of the car and came over to talk to Rhett. He put out his hand to shake hands with Rhett and told him he was Reverend James Purser. He said he was free picture nacked russian the pastor of the Methodist Church in Omaha. He asked Rhett if he belonged to a church there and Rhett told him that they didn't go to church because his mother had to work so hard during the week. She needed the weekend to rest up for her work schedule. Rev. Purser asked Rhett if he russian blonde pornstars would russian hard sex movies let him come by on Sunday morning and pick him up in time to go to Sunday School angels russian porno and russian 02 Church with him. Rhett told him he'd have to ask his russian dick lovers mother to see if it would be all right with her. So Rev. Purser asked him what time she'd get home from work. Rhett told him usually about six o'clock each day. Rev. Purser asked him if it would be ok for him to hang out with Rhett until his mother got home. Rhett said sure that would be great. They blackmarket russian porn then sat down on the concrete steps that led up to Rhett's house and just talked with each other for about an hour. Finally Rhett's mother drove their old Ford car into the driveway. Both Rhett and Rev. Purser walked to the car to anastacia russian ladies meet his mother. They talked for a while as they walked to the front porch where there were chairs for visitors to nubilerussian sit and visit. Rev. Purser told Rhett's mother what he wanted to do and she told him that it sounded like a wonderful idea for Rhett to get involved in church activities. Rev. Purser then told Rhett that he'd pick him up on Sunday morning about eight thirty so they could get to Sunday School in time to start russian nude girl photos at nine o'clock. Rhett did not russian naked guys know at this time that his life was about to change forever. Rev. James Purser was a single man and lived alone in the church parsonage next to the church in Omaha. Since he was single there were many unmarried women russian cum shots and late teenaged girls who were trying to get him to notice them as possible wives. James paid little attention to any of them. He was working hard to get his church programs working and he was out looking to get the un-churched young people to come to the russian boylover activities at the church. Since Rhett had no father on the seen James took a special interest in him and took on the roll of a mentor for him. During the next month or two during that summer James and Rhett became very close friends. They were together most all the time. About this time Rhett's mother had to spend more time at work. Often she didn't get home until eight or nine o'clock at night so she asked James if Rhett could stay with him until she came by to get him after work. James seemed to like this very russian cheerleaders naked much and Rhett and James became even closer as the summer passed. Several times when Rhett's mother came by to get Rhett he would be asleep on the sofa so James would tell her to just leave him there and he'd get him fed and bathed and in bed when he waked up. He said he could help him with his russian beautys ass work the next day and she could pick him up the next evening. These situations came up more and russian whores pictures more. Rhett's mother's work schedule seemed to get later Rhett often just went to bed at the parsonage with James. Rhett soon realized that he was falling in love with James and wanted to have some physical loving with him as part of their relationship. One night when Rhett was sleeping over at the parsonage he waited until they had gone to bed. He then got up and slowly tipped toed into James room. After removing is night shorts he very quietly crawled into bed with James. He moved over until he was spooning him as he slept. Very carefully Rhett eased his hand over on James stomach and started rubbing it down toward his treasure below free russian picture thumbs his russian naturism prepubescent belt. Here was a young preacher in bed with a naked fourteen-year-old boy who was very sexually active and was trying to put the make on his preacher. Rhett began to kiss him on the neck and lower cheek and at the same time let his hand roam down close to his cock. Before the preacher knew it his cock was rock hard and he was hot to trot. By this time Rhett had his dick in his hand and was jacking him toward an ejaculation. James turned on his back only to find a naked Rhett in bed with him and Rhett was working his cock like a pro. Rhett then started kissing James on the mouth and letting lollita russian his mouth make a kissing trail down James front until he had his mouth on James cock. He then started bobbing up and down on his very erect circumcised eight-inch cock. After Rhett got James dick real wet with spit he crawled over him and sat down on the head of James stiff cock and slowly impaled himself on James' very erect and hard eight-inch circumcised cock. Rhett then started fucking himself on James russian schoolgirl cock by pushing up and sliding back down on this very hard and long perch. Both Rhett and James climaxed at the same time. Rhett shot his load of five or six strings of cum all over James chest and stomach. James reached up and took Rhett into his arms and just held him tight to himself kissing him all over his mouth and neck telling him just how much he loved him. Rhett told James that he loved him more than anyone he had ever known and had wanted to have sex with him since the first day they had met. Rhett started going to the parsonage every morning early before the town got out to go to work and would go right to James bedroom and they'd have sex to start the day. When they were russian free underground porn alone where no one could possibly see them they would hug and kiss and pet each other. They got each other off several times every day. Rhett's mother was working longer shifts and was so tired when she would get home most times around nine o'clock free russian petite pics at night. She'd just fall into bed knowing she'd have to go back to work early the next morning. Soon she was looking tired and losing weight. At times she didn't feel like she could go on, she felt so tired. So she made an appointment with the doctor in Lumpkin the county seat of the county. The doctor wasn't russian dog porn pleased with her physical and ordered a lot of test to be done. She had to go to Columbus a big city funlumpkinsing a russian about forty miles away. Her doctor had her checked into the hospital there for over night to get the test done. During the time that she had to be gone she asked James if Rhett could russian pussy site ru stay with him in the parsonage. Both James and Rhett liked this arrangement very much because it gave them the opportunity to make love with out slipping around to do it. After several days of test and when they came back to the doctor he told Rhett's mother that he wasn't satisfied with the findings on some of the test. nude russian ballet russian girl nudists He wanted her to go to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for additional test. This meant that she'd be gone for almost a week so James told her to just let Rhett stay with him during this time. Rhett's mother was worried mostly about the work she was missing because she knew they nudism catalog russian needed the money. After the test that were made at Emory Hospital came back to her doctor it showed that Rhett's thirty-five year old mother had cancer of the pancreas and it had advanced too far to be operate. The fact was she had only a month or russian cum girls two to live. She was beside herself trying to figure what to do about Rhett since there was no one else to take him. She though about his father but no one knew where he had gone and there was no russian ladyboy one else. Rhett's mother talked to James about her problem and finally asked him if he could possibly take Rhett and raises him since they got along so well together. She told him she had a large insurance policy that she would sign over to him to help with the expenses of raising her child. James asked her how they would go about getting nude russian camp legal custody. She said she would sign legal papers giving complete custody to him by shirtless russian boys signing away her perental rights and even allow him to adopt Rhett. James liked this idea and they got a lawyer to do the work and in just a month Rhett was James adopted son. Soon after Rhett became James son his mother died in her sleep and was buried in the Omaha Methodist Church russian ass thumb Cemetery. It was a sad time for both Rhett and James but they had each other and that made up for the sadness they shared. Rhett became a fixture at the church and people knew that he was James adopted son. Rhett and James were everywhere over the russian women sex xxx area meeting and talking to people about coming to church and being a part of russian male gay porn the church activities. During this time the Omaha Methodist Church grew to the largest membership it had ever been. The Bishop took notice of this and James got raving reports all over the Conference. In fact James became the shining star as the preacher that the Bishop held up to all the other preachers in the Conference. During all this time Rhett and James continued their lovemaking and fell deeper in love with each other as time went on. James tenure at the Omaha Methodist Church was soon coming russian underground video sex to an end. The people asked russian girl art photography the Bishop to please let James stay there for another term. However the Bishop had already decided to send James to a church in Americus, Georgia that had fallen behind in both membership and giving over the years. He thought that James could put his russian yung girls youthful energy to work and pull this church back together and make it grow. So James and Rhett packed up their belongings and moved to Americus leaving Rhett's old friends Jack and Charles behind. Rhett still had the love of his life and knew he and James would be together for the rest of their life. James and illegal nude russian Rhett did pull this old free russian thumb picture run down church out and brought it back to again become an active well run church. fre russian porn tgp The Bishop was russian illegals naked girls so pleased that the next time he sent James to a larger church in Albany, Georgia and James and Rhett began their work all over again. As time went on the love that James and Rhett shared grew stronger and they were together as a loving couple old russian villages for the rest of their life. It would be interesting to me to see how well this story is viewed by you readers. Please let me know what you think about this story by writing to me at James Q
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